Solution for Android Market not install large apps


“not enough free space in internal download storage, unable to free any more”


I read through all this… nothing worked for me. Eventually found a solution that works for my situation, might work for others.

Running CM7 RC2 with CM7 AlphaRev Partition Table and darktremor apps2ext. Basically, moved the download folder to that ext partition and created a symlink pointing to it.

mv /cache/download /sd-ext/download
ln -s /sd-ext/download /cache/download

If you wanted to move it to the fat partition instead, I imagine the following should work. (You could change .cache to anything you want. I just did that to make it hidden.)

mv /cache/download /sdcard/.cache/download
ln -s /sdcard/.cache/download /cache/download

Hope that helps someone!


If this doesn’t fix the problem, it could be because the filesystem permissions are preventing access to the folder. To fix this, try the following:

chmod ugo+rwx /cache/download /sd-ext/download

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